YHC Music Direction Team

Barbershop music is composed on four, harmonizing parts - Lead, Baritone, Bass and Tenor - and each part comes with specific challenges and singing requirements. Beyond just learning the notes and the words, barbershop singing requires a specific placement of sound to get that "lock and ring" our genre is known for.  Our Section Leaders work closely with our chorus members to help us master our craft and create the sound we want.





Section Leaders

LEAD SECTION: Gail Tingle & Heather Deslauriers McCuaig


BASS SECTION: Cheryl Yaciuk

TENOR SECTION: Linda Morrison


Chorus Manager

Marg Toole

As you can imagine, keeping 40+ women organized can be a large job and our Chorus Manager handles it with style, grace and humour.  


Visual Coordinator

Meaghan DeClerq

Where would we be without our wonderful Visual Coordinator who helps transform our ensemble from a choir that just sings to a full show chorus who performs and tells a lyrical and musical story.