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About Bingo World (Newmarket)

  • Handicapped Parking/Wheelchair Accessible
  • FREE Parking
  • Non Smoking Bingo Hall With Designated Outdoor Smoking Area
  • Full Service Snack Bar
  • ATM Machine
  • Wireless Colour Verifiers/Random & Dab-All Books
  • Rapid Bingo Every Session
  • Friendly And Professional Staff


Learn more at: www.bingoworld.ca/newmarket




About Pace Credit Union

A proud history of offering Canadians a better way to bank. PACE Credit Union can trace its roots back to the Farmunited Credit Union which began in 1940.  PACE began as a credit union for employees of the Peel Region and the name PACE is an acronym for Peel Region and Co-op Employees. Over the years, PACE has grown through the amalgamation of a number of smaller credit unions, enabling more to be done for members as one large credit union.

Learn more about PACE Credit Union: www.pacecu.ca


Expect a First-Class Experience

About Amica

Amica Mature Lifestyles Inc. has been bringing a superior quality of life to Canadian seniors since 1993. We are a team of dedicated professionals with a sincere passion for providing enriching experiences and personalized support for our residents. We have locations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

Our Vision
Every Amica resident will say “You know who I am and I trust you to support me in every way.”

Learn more about Amica Mature Lifestyles at: www.amica.ca




About VinBon (Newmarket)

VinBon Is Your Own Boutique Micro Winery. We create each batch, one at a time, keeping each customer's personal taste in mind. We start with exceptional quality juice and grapes imported from around the World and crafted by our own Master Winemaker. We are Ontario’s largest Boutique Micro Winery with almost 40 years as a craft winery, offering a truly custom-vinting experience. Each Boutique Micro Winery has a complete on-site winemaking facility with all the supplies needed to produce your next favourite wine, including your own personal wine maker.

Learn more about VinBon: www.vinbon.com