A Capp-ELF-a Magic!

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Is there anything more magical than an Elf quest? Hundreds of harmony-lovers learned the answer to this question while helping our YHC elves re-discover the magic of Christmas.  The cookies were sugary, the music was festive and everyone left with a song in their heart to last all season long!



What were people saying about our A Capp-ELF-a show?

“I enjoyed every minute.  The ‘Dixieland Jazz Quartet’ was excellent as well.   I thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening. Great job! I will be attending next year’s YHC Christmas Show. ’ Walter

”As always, enjoyed it immensely!  Everyone loves a story!   The dinner afterwards was a great way to end the event.  Hope you guys plan for the dinner next year!”

”Loved the whole concept! Very creative! And the music rocked “

“The evening was awesome!  You ladies did a great job and the singing was impeccable!  Truly awesome! Loved every minute of it!”

"The chorus members celebrated the season at their YHC Christmas show for 2015.  Their evident enjoyment of performing was contagious.  The audience was well entertained, and participated happily in the various treats, raffle baskets and the guest performers.  Well done Ladies!"



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